Looking back to 3 and a half years in the past when I started university, I never could have imagined the position I would be in now as I am writing this blog about my internship journey to Amazon. Saying that internships play a critical role in an individual’s professional career is an understatement. The experience gained while doing an internship is substantial, as an intern we get out of our university or academic comfort zone and are pulled into the fast-paced result driven world. …

2020 has been a strange year to say the least, largely dominated by Coronavirus. When the pandemic reached my doorstep, everything changed. All the plans I had , suddenly felt like and most probably still are impossible for the next couple of years. Those few months in Isolation were rough , thankfully though everyone in my family was lucky to survive. After the situation got better and I analyzed how I lived my life during the previous months, one thing that was immediately obvious was how I completely isolated myself from everyone. I almost completely stopped all social interaction which…

In this blog, we will go through the step by step implementation of hosting Elasticsearch on a virtual machine, and how to connect and use the server using Python programming language

About Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a distributed open source search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene library. It was first released in 2010 and is suitable for all kinds of data including textual,numeric, geospatial, structured and unstructured. Elasticsearch features simple Restful API’s for communication, and is known for its efficiency and scalability. Elasticsearch is popularly used for building search engines for websites and apps, but can also be used for business…


Vanilla Neural Networks are great for numerous simple tasks like classification problems where inputs are assigned a class or label, regression problems where a real value quantity is predicted given a set of input parameters. The main issue with these kinds of networks is that they don’t remember things that they learn, i.e after every iteration while training the network, it starts fresh without remembering anything it learned during the previous iteration. This property puts them at a disadvantage when the data is sequential.

Sequential data means that the data points are interdependent (data at time t is dependent upon…

In this blog , we are going to focus on implementing logistic regression from scratch.We won’t dive deep into mathematics behind it , instead focus on the process of writing code and implementing the model by ourselves.

Despite what the name suggests, Logistic Regression is a Classification algorithm, i.e it is used in classification tasks. For the purpose of this blog we will consider only Binary Classification.

To assign each prediction to a class, we need to convert the predictions to probability(i.e between 0,1). …

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In this blog, we will go over basic implementation of machine Learning algorithms to classify whether the given B,G,R values of an image correspond to an image of skin or not.

The dataset can be downloaded from the link given


Having a look at the dataset(text file) we see that we have 3 independent attributes(B,G,R) and one dependent attribute which we want to predict(skin or non skin). Here 1 represents skin samples and 2 represents non skin samples

We need to build a model that predicts whether a given set of B,G,R values correspond to a skin or non…

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